Thursday, August 25, 2016

Another slow tatting day

I spent most of the day working on my sewing room, and I'm happy to have about half of it exactly the way I want it. However, I have a major problem. What do I do with all of the stuff I've cleared out of the room? I think I need to start some serious de-stashing!

Of course I took a couple of breaks, and during that time I did a little tatting. This butterfly is out of the organic cotton I used for my last Spinning Wheel. It's no bigger than my thumb nail!

My next Spinning Wheel is out of this wonderful Japanese thread in size 80. Thank you to Wendy for purchasing it for me and shipping it. I don't normally make requests for overseas friends to make purchases for me, but I just had to try this thread it. I don't remember the name of it, but I am happy that I have some to play with!


  1. Lovely colour your Japanese thread. Hard to destash but sometimes necessary!

  2. I had a supply of those lovely little butterflies I made using the small bits of thread left on shuttles. I started tucking them in cards that I sent out to friends and family. I tucked some in a birthday card that I sent to my friend Anna and she was more thrilled with them than I ever could have imagined anyone would be. She said that butterflies are a symbol of the resurrection and that is why they meant so much to her. Thanks for visiting CucumberZest! Girl was thrilled.

  3. Cute butterfly!! :)
    Looks like another tiny glass mat in progress!! :)

  4. Love the colour of your new thread'. Should look gorgeous when finished, cute butterfly

  5. That new thread is gorgeous. I love your mini butterfly. I just Needle Tatted a butterfly but it was a little wonky. De-stash is my career this year! When will it end??? S.A.B.L.E. Supplies acquired beyond life expectancy.

  6. Ah, stash seems to expand on it's own. lol I bet you feel good about the organized half of your sewing room. Love that thread colour!


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