Thursday, September 19, 2019

Two for Madelyn

Madelyn is the one who was instrumental in starting up the Harry Potter club at school.

I had already given her the red and gold bookmarks.

Next on the list were green and silver. I think she's going to like them!


  1. What a gorgeous shade of green. How long does it take you to tat one bookmark?

  2. Ah! Another Mary Konior fan! Her designs have that 'je ne sais quoi' which appeals to many tatters.

    1. I have been a fan ever since I purchased Tatting with Visual Patterns years ago. I loved her patterns so much, I made sure I was able to add her other tatting books as well as her crochet book to my collection.

  3. Two hours Diane, I looked at the pattern in Mary Konior's book and I think it would take me at least a fortnight to tat one bookmark!

  4. Two very pretty bookmarks, you are certainly in bookmark mode


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