Thursday, October 17, 2019

Needle and thread

Today I was in the mood to practice needle lace. All it takes is a needle and thread.

I'm still making lots of mistakes, but I'm learning. The yellow flower only has four petals because I snipped a thread when I shouldn't have. Rather than be discouraged, I started another flower in red.

This is my best effort so far. There are still mistakes, but I can tell I'm improving.

Feeling confident, I started a fourth flower. Once again, I goofed. I skipped the second loop, so there wasn't a place for the fifth petal. Oh, well. Maybe the next one will be better!


  1. I think dogwood blossoms only have 4 petals. :) They look nice.

  2. They look pretty to me!! :)
    You could put the white one under the red or yellow off-set and make a double layered flower! ;)

  3. Wow, well done, I do like the look of your flowers. It’s never easy to learn a new technique and you’re definitely making progress.

  4. I will say the same things as every one else look how great it looks now😍

  5. There can be mutants with less or more petals in Nature ;-D Love your flowers and can't see any flaw...except for more practice

  6. Some flowers have four petals some have five or six or more, no you did not goofe you have made some beautiful flowers


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