Friday, November 24, 2017

As it should be

Thanks to grandchildren Eva and Aidan and daughter Carol, my sewing room now looks as it should.

The glider used to be my mom's. I've had it for years, and it is a great place to sit and do handwork. However, I've had stuff piled on it for so long that it just looked like an object took up space. The afghan on the glider was crocheted by daughter Andrea. I love it! Dave built the sewing cabinet for me years ago after visiting Nancy Zieman's showroom in Beaver Dam, WI. The little sewing table is a reproduction piece for my Singer Featherweight. Now that the room is cleared, I can start using it!

Dave created this sewing area/bookcase years ago. Yes, I have way too many books, and I really need to go through them.

My weaving corner is waiting for me! The rug was made by daughter Carol, who refuses to be drawn to the dark side (crafting). I believe she made three rugs, one for daughter Andrea, one for a friend's wedding, and one for me. I don't believe she's touched anything craft since! The loom was a gift from my mom. Weaving has become a very relaxing activity for me!

Since my sewing space was ready, I decided to get started on Christmas stockings for daughter Joanne's three little ones. Yes, even my kitchen is clean and organized!

The Christmas decorating has begun! I love my arrangement of chests. Yes, they are filled with shuttles! Easy access is important, you know!

The angels on my hutch are all gifts, one from daughter Andrea, the others from my Soup Club friends. The little Christmas trees are my newest craft project. They're not finished. They still need to be embellished with cinnamon sticks and stars. I'll be taking these to Christmas in the Village. I've been teaching Eva and Aidan pin loom weaving, so that they can earn money to attend their youth group retreat in January. I promised them that they could have all the money from the Christmas trees to help fund their trip. They seemed very excited to learn something new and have the opportunity to earn some cash!


  1. Ooo, the helpful elves have been busy !!!
    Now where can I find such fantastic & efficient helpers? ;-P

  2. Good feeling to have everything ship-shape! I like your plan for Eva and Aidan to raise the funds they need.

  3. So organized and beautifully decorated!

  4. What wonderful photographs of your creative working space and great to have it tidy. Love the furniture. Sadly in the UK most rooms are small and we don't have so much area to store all our crafts.

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