Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Today I finished tatting my Basic Ice Drop pattern with every color bead in my little bead box!

Turquoise is quickly becoming a favorite shade of blue.

I also love this shade of green. It reminds me of a sweater my mom knit for me when I was in high school. Our school colors were green and white, and I wore that sweater to many basketball games!

I almost didn't use the black beads, but I decided that I might as well since they were in the box.

I think I'm going to do a series of Minty Fudge Ice Drops using this same bead collection. They will take a little longer to tat, but I think they'll be pretty!


  1. They will. I like these basic ones too though.

  2. The black beads look great too! Looking forward to the minty fudge collection!

  3. Those are all wonderful!! And I am positive the Minty Fudge collection will be too!!! :)

  4. Beautiful ice drops, I like the black beads shows the white up more

  5. Todas se ven hermosas,del color que sea,saludos


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