Thursday, November 16, 2017

Shades of blue

I do love all shades of blue! I know the beads and ribbon don't exactly match, but I do think they go well together.

With the completion of this Ice Drop, I have another treeful ready for Christmas in the Village! My grandson asked me how many I have. We didn't count, but I did show him the tins filled with Ice Drops all ready for the sale. Maybe we'll count them next week when he's visiting.

My newest shuttle arrived in the mail today! I do love the Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles, and this tulipwood is gorgeous! 


  1. Pretty treeful. BTW, where did you get your tree?

    1. The tree is actually a card/photo holder from Amazon:
      Wait for it to go on sale. I did not pay that much!

  2. Your tatting of Ice Drops merits an Olympic Gold Medal!!! *Shuttle Drop*. I am not familiar with Pop-a-Bobbin Shuttles. Your collection rivals anything in the Smithsonian!!! LOVE xo

  3. Your tree looks fantastic! The shuttle is beautiful.

  4. Fabulous Ice Drop and I think the ribbon helps draw out the blue in the beads! :)
    That tree of Ice Drops looks so pretty!!! :)
    Great shuttle!

  5. Beautiful ice drop and shuttle
    Beautiful tree for the village, I am sure they will love it.


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