Monday, November 13, 2017

No tatting

I have no tatting to show today. I did some cleaning and reorganizing this morning, and then I drove up to pick up my grandchildren, Eva and Aidan, so that they can spend a couple of days with me. They're homeschooled, and I will have the chance to be a teacher again for a couple of days!

When I arrived home, I found that my newest shuttles from Emiko Suenaga arrived!

The backs are just as beautiful as the fronts!

Although, Emiko has an Etsy shop, these beauties are available exclusively from Tatting Corner.

There aren't many, so if you're interested, you'd better be pretty quick!

So, Michelle and Maureen wanted to see my new rugs. This is the living room rug, and yes, Maureen, it is blue! No other color would do!

Dave chose the sun room rug. The style doesn't really appeal to me, but it has blue in it, so I approved the purchase. 😉 I get my way in so many things, I figured Dave should get something he likes!


  1. I’m with you on the rugs but Dave's is nice enough too.

  2. What pretty blue shuttles, I like your rugs too.

  3. Those shuttles are gorgeous!!! :)
    Nice rugs!

  4. Those are lovely shuttles! Enjoy having your grandchildren there.

  5. Great shuttles! I just got some in the mail yesterday also. 8 more Pop-A-Bobbins.
    I think Dave has great taste in rugs. I really like that.

  6. Cozy rugs -- I like both! And your shuttles are lovely.

  7. When I saw those shuttles on Facebook, I knew you would be getting them. They are beautiful.
    Lovely rugs,

  8. Your shuttles are beautiful and your rugs!!


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