Sunday, November 26, 2017

From slow to stop

That's right... there has been no tatting in this house since Friday... no tatting, no sewing, no weaving, nothing... zip, zero, zilch! Why? We've been decorating for Christmas!

My nutcrackers are all standing at attention, guarding the Christmas tree.

I love m little tabletop tree! There's much less disruption to my living room arrangement than when we had a big tree. My little tree skirt is in terrible condition. I haven't been able to find a small one that I like, so I see a tree skirt in my sewing future! In them meantime, a cloth napkin is the only decoration under the tree.

When Eva, Aidan, and I were cleaning over the past couple of weeks, I minimized the collection of pretty pieces in and on my curio cabinet. I felt much more inspired to decorate.

Not all of my nutcrackers fit on the windowsill, so these five guard the entertainment center! The Santa was a gift from my mom. He holds a pickle. We always hide a pickle in the Christmas tree. The person who finds the pickle first gets to hand out the presents. Dave bought the tallest nutcracker and the popcorn shop (which can be turned on for lights and animation) to add to this year's decorations. When it comes to decorating for Christmas, Dave wants an overabundance of everything. I sometimes have to tell him no!

My Grandma Jones's drop leaf table now holds three chests that hold tatting shuttles. I'm getting closer to finding and organizing all of my shuttles. When that day comes, I'll do a re-count and post pictures for all those who are interested.

Can you see the tree on top of the clock? My sister-in-law gave it to me for Christmas the first year Dave and I were married. The joke is that when we take the decorations down, I frequently forget about the tree on top of the clock. I usually don't notice until way after everything is put away, so it stays up all year!

Dave thinks that Christmas trees should have ball ornaments only, so the tree in the sun room is decorated to his liking. Eva and Aidan did most of the work for him this year. It does look pretty at night!

I was so pleased to have inherited my mom's hutch. Dave and I looked for one for several years, but none were as pretty as my mom's. I don't remember when Mom got it, but I have always loved it! The plates have always held a place of honor on the hutch, and if someone else in the family ever wants this beautiful piece of furniture, the plates go with it!

I love the angels on top. Dave has put lights up there for years. This year we decided to add a touch of greenery.

Do you see the candle on the kitchen wall to the left? My Grandpa Green made that. It used to have a big red bow, but it was getting pretty sad looking, so I removed it. I suppose I should put another one on to dress it up.

So, are we done? No! We set up two trees in the dormers upstairs today. They still need to be decorated, and they need tree skirts. The Christmas villages need to be set up in the sun room, and we need to find where we stored our Santas. We haven't started on decorating the kitchen yet. I'm not sure what Dave has in mind for this year, but it's sure to be cheerful!

Everyone will be here for Christmas this year, so Dave and I have also started reorganizing and cleaning the upstairs. We finished one of the two bedrooms today. The study area is a disaster, so that will take a while. The good thing about all of this is that I've been ruthless in getting rid of things that someone might be able to use. If it's in good condition and something that someone can truly use, we're taking it to the Salvation Army. The reality is, most of what we've saved has outlived its usefulness, so it's headed for the trash bin.

I think I'm really going to enjoy this Christmas!


  1. Beautiful! Photos and decorations are magazine quality! However, I'm quite exhausted reading this!

    It seems to me that you need an entire room for all your shuttles! I look forward to hearing the final count!

    We have cut way back on decorations. Our only tree is my 'tatted lace' tree that I take to our events (which are coming up this weekend). We have donated many items to the thrift stores.
    I do love driving around and seeing all the outdoor decorations. It helps to lighten my mood about the early darkness in December,

  2. There's a time for all things - this is the time for decorating not tatting. Great job! Looks fabulous.

  3. Looks like you are ready for Christmas, but missing the snow yet! ;) We are missing snow too!

  4. Looks very pretty and already looking christmesy

  5. It all looks so festive. I especially like the row of angels on the top of the hutch.

  6. So nice to see the memories attached to things.


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