Friday, November 3, 2017

Getting ready!

Today I focused on getting ready for Christmas in the Village, which will be the second weekend in December. One of the prizes I won at Palmetto Tat Days was an assortment of beads, and I'm focused on tatting my basic Ice Drop pattern with each color bead in the box.

As you may have figured out, Friday is laundry day for me.

I didn't waste any time between laundry loads!

I also did some cleaning in the kitchen.

I even managed to make a meat pie for dinner!

It's amazing what can be accomplished with a little bit of focus.

I'm not sure if you can tell in the pictures, but I used crackled glass gems in each of these.

I think it gives them a nice frosty look!

Tomorrow is Tollway Tatters. I'm not sure if I'll work on Ice Drops or my sister-in-law's runner. Either way, I feel like I'm on a roll!


  1. These look so pretty in their different bead and ribbon colours! After seeing mostly coloured threads for a long time, it feels good to see simple white ones too !

  2. Those are fabulous and I am sure will be a hit!!! :)

  3. A lot of pretty ice drops and the washing done too! Good for you.

  4. Gorgeous ice drops, they really do look like icey drops love the gold beads on the ends


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