Wednesday, November 29, 2017


I spent a good part of the day rewriting my Ice Drop Tutorial with the help of my granddaughter Eva. I've had several requests for more information and better pictures. Hopefully, this version does the trick. Would you do me a favor and let me know if the link takes you to the updated tutorial?

This is the Ice Drop I tatted for the tutorial. I'm so glad my friend Denise requested red and white ornaments for the library Christmas tree. Seeing all the variations in red and white made me want some of my own!

Another Christmas tree has been added to my forest! I'm up to ten!


  1. Your link to the updated tutorial works, and it's a great pattern with nice, clear photos! Thank you!

  2. Link is instant. Great photos. I read it through quickly and know exactly how to do them. I did understand your first tutorial, but this one shows every step perfectly. Also love seeing that you hold the thread as I do! Thanks to Eva, too!

    Those pin loom trees are so clever!

  3. Yes, the link works fine. It's hard to create a tutorial working by yourself, good to have Eva's help. Though your original tutorial was perfectly adequate actually!

  4. We live thousands of miles apart. I got your tutorial in 1 second. Yes, the internet still has its magical moments for me ;)
    Brilliant update, the pictures are very good :)

  5. Tutorial looks fantastic! And the we tree!

  6. The link worked for me. Another great Ice Drop!! And cute tree!! :)


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