Sunday, January 6, 2019

Doodle variation

I decided to tat the variation of the Doodle Ice Drop today. It's merely an extra row of chains, and I changed the picot cluster from three to five. I think I'll tat this one in several colors. I think it's appropriate that I used one of my Ice Drop Addicts shuttles!

One of the high school girls I see every day is very artistic. She gave me one of her doodles to cross stitch. Before tatting, I was a prolific cross stitcher. However, I haven't touched counted cross stitch in  years. My interpretation falls short, but I think Ashley will like it. I plan to finish it off as an ornament tomorrow. This was fun to do, but I think my days of spending hours doing cross stitch are over!


  1. I really like this doodle drop and the bit of extra it's great. I did a share of crosstitch myself and still have some favorite patterns just on a shelf. I like this super cute elephant and friend 🐘

  2. Both doodles are cute !!!
    Over the last year I have discovered how picot flowers add dramatically to a pattern!
    I've done my share of counted CS, but have preferred crewel hand embroidery.

    1. See, I haven't been reading carefully. Here I'm calling them picot clusters, and you've already started calling them picot flowers. I much prefer picot flowers!

    2. LOL, no I didn't coin the term. Came across it in Georgia class or logs.
      I used a cluster of these picot flowers in my spring garland.

  3. Aha, another lovely variation! I used to do a lot of cross stitch too. The elephant is going to be very special.

  4. Ashley will love it! I’m back to ice drops now. Can’t wait to do the doodle!

  5. Wonderful Ice Drop!!! :)
    Adorable counted cross stitch elephant!!! :)


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