Friday, January 11, 2019

Doodling with beads

I'm continuing playing with beads. This time I used three seed beads in place of the picot cluster on my Doodle Ice Drop pattern. I kind of like it!

This morning I finished the third pattern repeat of the 12 Step Sampler Blanket. I sure am enjoying all the colors!


  1. The Ice Drop is so very pretty!!! :)
    Wow!!! All those colors! What a wonderful blanket!! :)

  2. The blanket is going to be magnificent. Mmm, I think I like the picots better, though the beads are pretty too.

    1. Agreed. Unfortunately, my bead stash has grown and I really need to use them up on something! I am easily attracted to shiny, glittery, glizty things like beads and sequins!

  3. Lovely ice drop!
    Your blanket with surely brighten anyones day.

  4. Your blanket is amazing love the colours


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