Sunday, January 13, 2019

More shuttle testing

Dave and I took down and put away most of our Christmas decorations today. Of course I needed to take frequent breaks, so I spent quite a bit of time testing out the shuttles Denise lent me.

This black walnut fish shuttle is super smooth!

I'm very happy with all three fish shuttles that I tried.

I like the style of this longer shuttle, but it's a little too big for my hands. I'd like it better if it was half the size.

This is Denise's favorite shuttle, and I think it's very pretty. However, I would prefer thinner slits to allow for dropping the shuttle to let the thread untwist. I'd also like this one to be a little smaller.

I had a great time testing these shuttles!


  1. Yes, a big shuttle might hold more thread, but it can be hold to hold and use comfortably. I'm sure Denise and the maker will appreciate your feedback.

  2. The shuttles are pretty but not as pretty as those ice drops, especially the first one!

    1. Granddaughter Kara has already claimed the "Frozen" Ice Drop!

  3. Four lovely shuttles, and four gorgeous ice drops

  4. Great shuttles and fabulous Ice Drops!!! :)


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