Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Blues and greens


Despite subbing today, I managed to finish another five twisted headbands. These beautiful blues are called Poolside Siesta, part of the I Love This Yarn collection from Hobby Lobby.

I've liked Lion Brand Mandala Ombre ever since I first discovered it, and this color combo is especially appealing to me. The color is called Zen.

I wonder what colors I'll pull out of the bag tomorrow?


  1. I've been having problems commenting on some blogs, including yours. I'm trying on my laptop now instead of the iPad.

    1. I've been having problems commenting on some blogs as well. I almost always visit blogs on my laptop. Technology can sure be frustrating!

  2. Aha, it worked, must be something on the iPad then. I'm enjoying seeing what you and your mom are cranking out!

  3. exactly what is needed for the 'finishing' You mention using the machine, then photo them -- so how do you 'finish'? Sewing the ends by hand? Just curious


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