Wednesday, September 20, 2023



Before breakfast, I finished off these two twisted headbands that I cranked last night. I love this color! It's Dakota from I Love This Yarn. Could it be that my taste in colors is expanding?

After breakfast, I shifted gears and spent the morning working on this waffle stitch afghan. Mean Green Goes Pink night is less than a month away, and I have about four more rounds to go to finish this. I can do it!

The volleyball girls asked me if I could make twisted headbands in green for them. So, Mom and I headed to Hobby Lobby to buy some green. The yarn was on sale, but they only had three skeins. At least I can get started. The solid colors of I Love This Yarn have more yardage, so I was able to crank three headbands from one skein. 

Despite limiting my cranking time to what I could do before dinner, I managed to crank the tubes for five headbands, one of which is ready to go. I feel like I accomplished a lot today!


  1. You certainly did! Love the top colourway.

  2. Great job, you're making awesome progress! I really like the yarn on the top image. Those specks of cllour in some rows are very cute!

  3. Wow!! Terrific crafts!! :) The top two headbands look like they are meant for a cabin retreat!! ;)


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