Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Two cranky ladies?

It's true. Mom and I are both enjoying cranking away on our Sentro circular knitting machines. Mom made her second hat today, and I think it's beautiful!

Daughter Alison requested this headband. The first one worked out great, but for some reason, my machine kept dropping stitches when I started the second one. I will try again, but I didn't feel like playing around with finicky yarn today.

I moved on to another skein of I Love This Yarn. This one is Jazzed Stripe.

One of the high school girls asked me for a neutral color. She asked for black, grey, or white, colors that I find very uninspiring. Ivory Tweed was as close as I could get. I think it's kind of pretty!


  1. You two will NEVER be cranky!!!! Well, not as people but as mass producers of hats and headbands you may well be classed as ‘crankoholics’!!!!

  2. Great hat and headbands!! :)
    If your hubby didn't want you cranking at certain times before, how is he handling 2 of you cranking??? ;) :D


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