Saturday, September 16, 2023

Good intentions

I had great plans for today. I was going to cut the strips for daughter Andrea's quilt, watch two YouTube videos, crank two headbands, and get some housework done. I did not succeed.

I spent a good part of the morning watching YouTube videos, while working on a baby blanket that I started over a month ago. The baby was born Thursday, so I guess I'd better get this finished! 

A couple of the YouTube videos were about yarns that work well with the Sentro circular knitting machine. Naturally, I felt the need to check for sale prices. Mom and I decided to head over to JoAnn Fabrics to check out the yarns, and did we have fun!

We picked up lunch and headed for home. While Mom took her afternoon nap, I got to cranking.

Since we had gone yarn shopping, I felt obligated to try out one of my purchases. This is Lion Brand Heartland in Voyageurs. The color is prettier in person, but I find the solid colors a bit boring.

The bottom one is a bit larger. I tried using a looser tension, which was fine for most of it. However, as I neared the end, I had problems with dropped stitches. Mom likes the size of the bottom one, but she would prefer red!

I think I'll stick with the tighter tension. These are bound to stretch with time and use, and I expect them to be worn mostly by teenage girls. I could be wrong!


  1. I think the headbands could be worn as cowls too.
    (I looked up the knitting loom, then remembered those small wooden spools painted like dolls to make cords. Since, I’ve been searching my supplies for that. Sadly, maybe I never had one!”

    1. When I was little my dad would put nails in the ends of Mom's thread spools. I remember spending hours making cords. Several years ago, I started collecting knitting spools. I've since shared them with others, but they were fun to collect.

    2. Wish me luck on my new knitting doll making project

  2. I suspect we set ourselves too many targets. Sounds like a good day.

  3. Amazing productivity! Your finished products are all magnificent and lovely. Keep knitting and cranking and cutting and...everything that fulfills you BEFORE resorting to housework. Hee, hee!

  4. Good idea adjusting the tension. And if the headbands are too tight, you still have the option to add more rows.


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