Friday, February 7, 2020

Friday fun

Since I'm all caught up on my knitting projects, I decided to spend some time on my Linen and Threads Mystery Sampler. I've really enjoyed getting back in to stitching, and I've also had fun looking at what's new in the stitching world. Much is the same, but there's so much more available than when I spent all my free time stitching 30 years ago!

Today was another two Ice Drop day. I used my newest Doodle Art tatting shuttle from Grizzly Mountain Arts for this Doodle Ice Drop. The thread is size 20 Lizbeth #658, Ocean Turquoise Lt.

This one is in size 20 Lizbeth #660, Country Turquoise Lt. The shuttle is one I purchased on eBay years ago.

It's a lovely little bobbin shuttle. It's a little on the loose side, but I found that the plastic has enough give that I could hold the bobbin in place while tatting.

I'm thinking of finding new homes for some of my shuttles. I enjoy collecting them, but I'm running out of places to keep them, and I really think all shuttles should be enjoyed. I'm not sure how I'll go about it, and I have no idea how to price any of them. I haven't kept records of how much I've paid for any of them, and I'm not sure I want to go to all the trouble of listing them on eBay or opening an Etsy shop. What a conundrum!


  1. You seem to be doing well at your cross stitch!! :)
    Great Ice Drops!!! :)
    Have a super weekend!!! :)

  2. Interesting to find out about new products. I like the turquoise ice drops. You have a whole range of bluey colours now.

  3. That's a news, I've been thinking that a day you would have planned to create a museum... ❤

  4. I agree with Ninetta. Never thought you'd one day think of selling from your collection!
    Wait a few years, perhaps a Tatting Museum will come up (Tatyana has already floated the idea!) and then you might have a dedicated shuttle space ☺


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