Saturday, February 29, 2020

The February Collection

I remembered to take pictures of my February Ice Drops while the sun was shining!

I was asked to take a picture of the different shades of blue I tatted in February. I'm kind of surprised at how many there are!

Here are 31 of the Ice Drops I tatted in February. I know I mailed some off to Mom, and I gave at least one away at school. I think I was pretty productive.

I'm enjoying knitting the Sanditon MKAL for the second time. I did have a moment of panic on the eyelet row... more like an hour of panic. I came out with the wrong stitch count at the end of the row, or so I thought! I carefully examined my stitches and couldn't see any mistakes, so I unknit the row. When I finished taking out the row, I realized that my stitch count had been correct. I was looking at the wrong row of directions! I took a break from knitting, made dinner, and then I was able to continue without any problems. Whew!


  1. Your output is prodigious! It must be a lovely sense of achievement for you,

    1. They're so much fun to make! I do need to do some other tatting. My bookmark supply is getting low!

  2. Thanks, happy to see them all together, they look splendid!


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