Friday, December 9, 2016

Tiddlywinks and mirrors

My friend Denise and I have been having great fun tatting Ice Drops and Lucky Pennies! I know that many others have been enjoying making them also, because of all the pictures and comments I see on Facebook.

One reason Denise and I have been tatting Lucky Pennies is that they fit easily into a card, and they're thin enough to not cause problems in mailing. The two of us have been buying all the different colors of glass gems we see, but the challenge has been finding shiny flat pieces. I'm happy to say I've been up to that challenge!

One idea I had was to use tiddlywinks. How I came up with that one is beyond me! I was able to find them on Amazon, and they're much less expensive than the bags of glass gems I found there. However, they're also very light. I think I prefer a little more weight to my ornaments.

Another problem I see is that the thread does not fit the disc as snugly as the glass gems. I think I'll check my stash to see if I have size 40 in a color that looks festive.

I also found little glass mirrors on Amazon. The size is right, but I do worry about mailing little mirrors! The edges were a little rough, and I had to carefully sand them down. I do have to figure out a way to keep from smudging the mirror once I've inserted it into the tatting.

When Denise and I went shopping the other day, I found this pretty ribbon with glittery silver accents. It doesn't show well in the picture, but it does add extra sparkle!

I'm not sure I like the pearls with the pennies, but I have to keep trying new ideas!

My last tat of the day was another glass gem. I do love the blue!


  1. Those are all so fabulous!!! :) I was thinking the other day that you could use colored Bingo discs(that idea came from almost vacuuming them up at the senior apartments on Sunday nights). And for weight with them what about adding some beads to the inner or outer(or both) chains?? Just thinking! :)

  2. All wonderful. These are so addictive! I am enjoying the process. I am happy with my latest using gold beads.

  3. Wow, so many innovations, good for you! Tiddly winks, who'd have thought?

  4. I was thinking of doing them on sheesha (mirrors)- gluing mirrors back to back, coz that's all I have. But you gals have surged far ahead with all your fun :-))) Keep going - love them :-)

  5. Isn't it wonderful to be a creative and talented person?! Love all the ideas you are thinking of and trying. BLUEtiful Dear.

  6. Wonderful ideas! Now I'll be thinking about tiddly-winks ...


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