Sunday, December 4, 2016

First snow!

The prediction was for 3" and we got it! For a while the snowflakes were huge. Since it's supposed to be cold this week, I think the snow will stay around for a while... the perfect inspiration for creating Christmas decorations!

Dave needed to go to Michigan today, and on our way home we stopped at a Dollar Tree. Look what I found! they were only $1 per bag, half the price of the Dollar Tree near our house.

I now have little dishes and bowls filled with glass gems scattered around the house!

They look so pretty and festive!

I think they make fabulous Christmas decorations.

I love seeing the little beads of color everywhere I look!

To top it all off, I have glass gems in almost every color I have seen! Will I ever manage to turn them all into Ice Drops? Probably not, but I will be able to enjoy them for a long, long time!

Despite our 5 hour trip to Michigan, I did manage to finish three more Ice Drops today. The one on the left didn't have enough pizzazz, so I painted it with glitter nail polish for some extra bling! I love the Swarovski crystals, and I would really like to find more frosted glass gems like the one on the right. I'm having a great time hunting for treasure!


  1. Sounds great and they are beautiful love the red and saw blue too! The snow does set the mood!

  2. That's a good snowfall to set the mood! I have little bowls with my sister-in-law's beads in them. Like your gems they brighten the place and can be enjoyed. Better than having them hidden until they are used.

  3. You should have let me know you were coming to Michigan! I would have loved to have seen you!!! :)
    We got about 3 inches also, but it was 37 degrees this morning and it's melting.
    I am sure there are going to be plenty of Ice Drops in your future!! :)

  4. We had heavy frosts and very cold last week but it's turning mild this week in the south west, I expect we will get rain later in in the week, the weather this week is coming from the Azores so it will be milder.
    Lovely glass marbles, I use them in vases with silk flowers they keep the flowers in place in the vase.
    Just a few more ice drops, they look lovely

  5. It's great that these gems are so easily available and in so many colors.

    I finally remembered where I got a 'whole bunch' of amber-colored gems! At a 50th anniversary party way back in 2003, the centerpiece on the table was a large bowl (not deep, but 12" in diameter) filled with amber gems; and interspersed in the bowl were led lights on a string (10 lights which were run by a battery switch. The lights of course 'lit up' the gems, and could be turned on and off with the switch, which was hidden in the bowl. Very clever idea! (I see on the internet that these lights can be found at various stores, including W-M, for about $3)

    After the party, the hostess insisted I take the bowl home - gems and lights included! I had it on my dining room table for a long time, and I just now recalled that the bowl broke for some reason (I was sad about that) and I had all these gems on my hands! I wonder what happened to the lights!

    I put some of the gems in 2 large 'cut glass' goblets, and I put tea lights on top of the gems. I look at them every day on my dining room table, and finally recalled the original glass bowl with the gems! Funny how you forget things!

    So now I'm going to try your snowdrop pattern so I have a new use for many of them!


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