Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I just can't stop!

I was subbing again today, but I still managed to tat three more! The one on the left is a tiddlywink. You can easily see that it is much flatter than the domed glass gems, and the color looks flat compared to the other two. However, on a lit tree it looks very pretty.

The blue gem in the center is one that just called to me from my little angel dish. It's not evident in the picture, but it has a silver shimmer to it that is gorgeous!

The green gem on the right is one that arrived today. This was part of my Etsy shopping binge over the weekend. I wish everyone could see this gem in person! The top is not a smooth dome. It has a ripple in it that causes a little bit of color change when viewed from different angles. I love it!

I have chosen a few Ice Drops for my tree. Yes, I have my own tree! Dave decorates his with traditional glass balls and white lights. I like colorful lights and a variety of ornaments. If you enlarge the photo, I think you might be able to get the idea of how the ripple in the top of the gem really makes this Ice Drop sparkle!

My friend Sandy sent me a picture of some Lucky Pennies she has finished for family events. I love seeing how others have interpreted my little pattern!


  1. Lovely Ice Drops. And how fun to see others creating their own.

  2. Wonderful ice drops! I like the idea of having your own tree, to decorate according to your own fancy.

  3. I hope your school students appreciate how lucky they are to have such an energetic person for their substitute teacher! Your tree is lovely, Diane!

  4. Love these ice drops. I need to find a few more colored gems...

  5. so don't stop :-D we are enjoying the beauties you show us ! Love the idea of a personal tree to decorate !


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