Friday, December 30, 2016

Shopping spree

Dave and I went to Menards today to order new kitchen counter top and to dream about what we'd like to do with our bathroom. It's amazing how much time dreaming can take!

We also took a couple of side trips.

I was looking for purple glass gems. Hobby Lobby didn't have any. :-(

Then we went to Michaels, where I did find purple! :-)

With all the shopping, I only managed to tat one Ice Drop today.

I wonder when I'll grow tired of these? Not too soon, I hope!


  1. Ooh, pretty new supplies for your Ice Drops! Looks like you'll be making more!

  2. I think this one is my favourite. I can feel the lure of having a go at making some. 😉

  3. Oh more wonderful glass for ice drops, I think you will be making a lot more to come,
    Love the red and green ones.
    Happy new year hope it's going to be a great tatting year.
    How many spinning wheels did you make this year?

  4. There can never be too many ice drops! Or spinning wheel mats. Happy New Year!!

    1. What an amazing collection of glass gems. I've used these for putting in the bottom of flower vases and have quite a few in the house. Also used them in the garden and around a mirror but never for tatting. Really admire the the ice drops you have made, but what are you going to do with the next ones you are planning on making?

    2. Sally, many of them will be Christmas gifts for family and friends next year. Mom participates in a craft sale every year to raise money for the employee appreciation fund, and some of them will go to her for that sale. I'm sure I will just have fun passing them out!

  5. Oooh lots of pretty & sparkly items!!! :)
    With all the glass gems, I sure hope you don't grow tired too soon! :)


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