Sunday, December 18, 2016

Baby, it's cold outside!

It has been colder here, and I know it's colder in other parts of the country, but it is still cold outside! I did not venture outside today. Instead, I sat in my chair and did a little tatting and a little napping. :-)

My little tree is getting full again, which is good. I want my guests on Christmas Eve to have plenty to choose from!


  1. What a wonderful gift to give!
    If only I lived close to you!

  2. They look good enough to eat! Phew, so hot here I can't imagine being cold.

  3. We're not as cold here in Pittsburgh as you are, but it's cold enough for me!

    Good thing you enjoy tatting these, because your tree may be bare after Christmas, and you can start all over again! :)

  4. You have tatted a lovely rainbow of Ice Drops dear. Smart to stay inside out of this frigid Arctic cold.


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